Sealed elements have higher values and thus benefit more from elements up if you can run both free element and element up. So are you serious? All Switch Axes come with a predetermined Phial. The only Alchemy shop in Windhelm is called The White Phial and is located in the market district, right next to Aval Atheron's stall. This is a list of all Switch Axes in Monster Hunter World. Lava has to be the most stupid element on here. Adds 25% damage to all Elemental damage you do in Sword mode. Impact phial is the yellow one, it does fixed damage, can be increased with artillery skill. The assistant, Quintus Navale, is quite skeptical and with good reasons, as his master coughs constantly in between words: Nurelion: "I'll be fine.… So you're thinking of picking up the Switch Axe, huh? Ice Attack of Taroth Strongarm is 390 and it requires Free Elem. This blade is outclassed by Diablos Tyrannis II and Taroth Strongarm “Horn,” but it comes in just behind the two for… Paralysis Lava is not anywhere close to being the best element. Power Element Phial Elderseal: Low Materials: Elder Dragon Bone x10, Brutal Bone x4, Dragonbone Relic x2, Wyvern Gem x1 Kirin Tree Peal. Odium has hidden element so it's not even active and only does physical. Either way, I'm going to be doing my best to introduce my personal favourite weapon Monster Hunter: World has to offer in a way that's easy to digest and understand. Axe: Super Amped Element Discharge — Power Element Phial explosions spaced closer together to make them easier to hit. But not circle/right mb axe mode with carged phials, cause impact damage. My most used CB is Dante's sword, but the elememtals still have uses. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It does damage equally regardless where it hits. Elemental Phial: These Phials increase the amount of elemental damage the weapon deals. Please see Weapon Mechanics to fully understand the depth of your Hunter Arsenal. Impact phials also deal KO damage to the monsters head. Adds 25% damage to all RAW (physical) damage you do in Sword mode. Charge Blade - Overview & Strengths element phials can crit and are not affected by artillery skill. The only upsides to it are that you retain your high raw in … Power element phial for elemental damage always regardless of the weapon For raw you’ll have power phial on sa and impact phial on cb. Deep Schnegel II is the strongest Power Element Phial Charge Blade in Iceborne now. Combine this with the 240 Fire Elemental Damage, good Affinity, and good Attack Power, this blade comes in handy rather greatly. Read on to learn more! If you feel the fight is too long, you have a group to prioritize parts or your cb has low Raw damage then a power elemental phial is the way to go. Lohenbeil – Fire. Also impact phial spreads in a direct frontal cone, and power elemental phial seems to spread in a zig-zag pattern. That means your explosive pulses do water damage instead of impact. Improved the effect of the attack power increase for red/white and red/white/orange extract hybrid effects. Power Element Phial Range of phial explosion after Amped Element Discharge shortened allowing you to hit multiple times more easily Power Axe Mode uses phial overtime Make sure you check how much phial you have when doing any action requiring phial Phial Type Effect Impact Increases damage chance to knock down a Monster Elemental. Does anyone know what the speedrun aggregate site is again? Element. no KO damage on monsters. However as of world the impact phials have been ticked to level out on damage and give a modest attack damage bonus but they still produce more consistent and hefty part damage.. this even includes tails whom also have a damage threshold but also a slicing requirement so for an impact cb.. win win. So the best way to go with impact is to stack with artillery skills and element with alinged elemental attack skills as well. Does that mean odium charged and saed has an impact effects with elemental damage following up after? This hand of mine is coursing with the Power of Magnetism! SA also has paralysis phials and exhaust phials which inflict paralysis / exhaust in sword mode. When you enter you will witness a very sick and elderly proprietor, Nurelion, trying to convince his assistant that he is able to make some kind of journey. Read on to know all about the Switch Axes, their damage, sharpness, elements, status effects, affinities, and available slots. as of the recent update to weapons it should also be noted that to KO a monster with an impact phial it is better to go through all the normal steps of charging your shield and sword but instead of a normal saed you should go through the 3 stage combo and Saed cancel instead and only produce an impact saed when the monster is already knocked out and won’t sustain KO damage anyway. Power element phial – Further increase the current element of the Switch Axe. Dragon. For elemental Switch Axe, you will need those that have power element phial, as this will empower your Sword mode attacks and increase element damage. Like the other elemental Kjarr axes, this uses a Power Element Phial. Lava cools in … You won't find any complicated damage calculations here, but you will find a guided tour through the features of the Switch Axe; the attacks it has, the playstyle it benefits from, a few weapons you could consider aiming f… In previous games Elemental Phials were better but only if hitting a spot that was very weak to that element, which in most cases was never enough to outdamage Impact ones, and in any case required a lot of skill to take advantage of. It’s one of the few times you can deal the MOST damage to uruganns head without breaking the chin first as power elemental phials deal crit and ignore armor. Being in sword form drains the phial gauge, and the Elemental Discharge takes a chunk out of it. Bascially, your normal attacks will have fire elemental damage. Crit-ing has nothing to do with it. This is a list of the best Switch Axe for the highest potential elemental damage in Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne. Best Dragon Attack Charge Blade Power phial deals non-elemental damage, and power element phial deals elemental damage of the same type the weapon deals. Is there a way to fix the black screen after the Capcom logo when opening the software. Element Phial: A phial that boosts the natural elemental/status power of a Switch Axe in sword mode. Every switch axe is imbued with one type of phial, which boosts their capabilities while in sword mode. The Power Element Phial greatly adds to this blade by emitting fire damage during amped elemental discharges. Rathian, Rathalos). Power. Replacement Phial Bring a Mana Potion, Coal, and Sweet Nectar to Talvash del Kissel in Ironforge to get a replacement for Talvash's Phial of Scrying. Impact Phial CBs can be used against any monster, but Power Element Phial CBs should only be used against monsters weak to the element on the CB. It has a 684 Attack Power, Blue Sharpness, 20% Affinity, 240 Fire Elemental Damage, and Power Element Phial. Phial types never change on a weapon so even with it active the hits will have additional fire but the phials are still just impact damage only. don't bother with elemental in worlds sadly. Hmm I still take elemental CB to the elders if anything to have a change of pace. These are often seen on Elemental Charge Blade; Paralysis/Poison/Dragon phial – Grant additional elemental effect during Amped State; Exhaust phial – Grant the ability to drain monster’s stamina and capable of KOing the monster when hit on the head. With longer white sharpness, Critical Element, and massive weakness to Thunder, Power Element has the potential to perform better. Old sub I know but another factor to your problem or confusion between the 2 also relies on your intent during the hunt. Not only that, Critical Element and Power Element Phial comes with it. Power Element Phial: Boosts the Attack Power and the natural Elemental/Status attribute of the weapon The element/status damage in parenthesis is there to indicate a weapon with a "hidden" element, which is completely separate from SA element phials, and is a characteristic that many weapons of different types have. 17 Lava. An important thing to note for these builds is the massive amounts of fire element, handicraft, Protective Polish, Power Prolonger, and True Critical Element. This is similar to Charge Blade, which has Impact and Power Element Phial. Phial types just are separate from the weapon's element. I thought impact damage excells in raw damage therefore lacks elemental damage. The Safi'jiiva, Kjarr, Alatreon and Fatalis weapons dominate each category with its potential in their respective element brackets. If you hit a weak part more damage etc. Its power can create any of the elements, by drawing, and thinking about them. When using a Power Phial for Switch Axe, the charge level in the Class Helper Widget needs to be around 121% before it gets to Sword Amp mode. Depending on the monster, sometimes power elemental does more damage than impact, but overal impact is more consistent. Power Phial: A phial that boosts the raw power of a Switch Axe's sword mode. Power elemental phial does damage based on the weapon's element, it doesn't increase with artillery, and it does damage depending on the part of the monster it hits. These include the elemental, power, dragon, and para phials. Only Switch Axes with natural element/status can have this phial. for charge blade in particular the difference is that power phial is basically fixed damage explosives and Elemental is extra elemental hits. Your SAED won't do elemental damage since they don't crit. There are 6 kinds of Switch Axe Phials: Power Phial: Boosts the Attack power of the weapon. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Deep Schnegel II has low attack damage but has basic 480 Ice Attack. Power Axe Mode uses phial overtime. Home for the Monster Hunter: World Reddit community and resource hub... Press J to jump to the feed. Also for multiplayer getting KO's was very helpful. HOWEVER and this is imperative to your long term success and I cannot stress these enough.. unless you have critical element (or the newly added critical ailment for ailment) your weapon element cannot produce part damage.. as part damage is a number that has a limited threshold to begin with and ignores elemental crit.. you’ll often find unless you have a team with focus on their parts an elemental cb is likely to kill the target before breaking all the parts you want as the element produces damage but skips part damage. element weapons with impact phials don‘t deal element damage with SAED and the charged sword phials, So element Phials effect only proc with normal attacks, while charged blade/shield and saed will have raw damage (impact). Insect Glaive Improvements to extract attack power increase and extract effect length. Make sure you check how much phial you have when doing any action requiring phial. Sometimes is all about the aesthetics... at least for me anyways. But when using Exhaust or Power Element Phial, it's more or less correct, needing only 100% (more or less) to reach Sword Amp mode For cb and switch axe element is an amazing bonus because the phials on those weapons deal additional elemental damage upon use if it is an elemental phial. Ooh i see. Because its max element is 30% more of base. Adds Dragon element to all your attacks in Sword mode, which is the type of damage Dragons are the weakest to (i.e. Is anyone stupid? Whereas Ice Attack of Kjárr Strongarm "Ice" is 480 without Free Elem. Phials are stored in the Switch Gauge and grants the Switch Axe an unique effect while in Sword mode. Sword mode has rapid attacks with the added bonus of the phial. Even after Safi'Jiva update, Deep Schnegel II is still the best choice for Ice-type. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Then axe (triangle, circle/left mb, right mb) will proc the elemental effect. The types and effects of the phials are as follows: 1. Savage Axe additional hit (Power Element, all other axe moves) – 5 with 0.8x elemental modifier *All Axe mode attacks have 10% higher motion value with charged shield. Handicraft is used to get into 20 hits of white sharpness to maximize damage, while Protective Polish is used to keep your sharpness until you’re in Amped state. 3. P.s. Sword form is capable of an Elemental Discharge attack, where the hunter thrusts the sword forward, builds up rapid hitting power, and then unleashes it in a massive explosion. Or am i missing something? The exact amount depends on the weapon. First of all, molten ROCK makes up lava. The left front radiant element will clearly be marked if this feature is available on your range. Power elemental phial does damage based on the weapon's element, it doesn't increase with artillery, and it does damage depending on the part of the monster it hits. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Sometimes I use the power elemental weapons because their SAEDs are way cooler. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the MonsterHunterWorld community, Continue browsing in r/MonsterHunterWorld. Depending on the monster, sometimes power elemental does more damage than impact, but overal impact is more consistent. Due to the fact that elemental and status phials don't get buffed by critical element and critical status, this makes the dragon phial a weaker version than power phial even against dragon weak monsters. What’s more is the power elemental phial is used in a minds eye state and while your sharpness will still take a hit the damage reduction due to bouncing is completely ignored. Power Element Phial Elderseal: N/A Materials: Majestic Horn x2, Tobi-Kadachi Electrode+ x2, Tobi-Kadachi Claw+ x4, Thunder Sac x3 Kadachi Kaina III. inpact phial damage is boosted by artillery and can not crit (the axe hit can). Elements can crit and cause significant damage depending on the speed and power of that element applied . By charging phial, Power Axe Mode extends. One of the more common phials. 2. Hey guys I'm confused with the mechanics regarfung phials in Charge Blade, To my understanding, there are two tyoes of phial damage, the impact and power element damage. NOT phial … Power Element Phial Halberion Blade is a Charge Blade Weapon in Monster Hunter World (MHW). The "Power Element" feature uses a higher wattage surface element which can bring food items to boil much quicker. In order to get the full benefit of the radiant elements, cookware must have flat bottoms that make good contact with the surface. If you hit a weak part more damage etc. And skill such as artillery takes advantage of the impact type and increase the damage when it's in charged mode (blade and shield) or using element discharge attacks as well as SAED, but power element phial does not benefit from it, But yesterday i saw that odium has impact damage yet elemental damage as well. also impact phials can KO monsters, even charged sword attacks. I’ve cracked a lot of horns that way. for charge blade in particular the difference is that power phial is basically fixed damage explosives and Elemental is extra elemental hits. Phials have a great effect on the weapon itself, however, Phials can only be used in Sword Mode. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. In Monster Hunter Tri, there are four types of Phials. Maybe you're new to the series, or perhaps you've been a fan for a while now. All weapons have unique properties relating to their Attack Power, Elemental Damage and various different looks. But if you are prioritizing parts.. especially hard to reach parts like heads and horns then an impact cb is the better way to go. Dragon Phial: A phial that gives a Switch Axe a fixed amount of D… Even when you activate it with the "Free Element" skill, it only adds element to the physical attacks. The Kadachi one makes you feel like Thor, and the ice one is super cool... pun intended. The most important option for Power Element Phial Charge Blade is Element Attack status. While tyrannys II has minus 30 affinity yet the highest raw damage does this means i can actually disregard the artillery skills, if i wanted to take full advantage of saed and other charged moves, yes?